Aftermarket braking system parts for USA market.
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Range of products comprising: brake pads, brake discs, wheel-cylinders, master cylinders, pressure regulators, pre-mounted brake shoe kits with self-adjustment, brake drums, clutch master and slave cylinders.
Hi-tech, fully automated processing, assembly and control machinery permit utmost product dimensional precision, with consequent
maximum reliability and safety thanks to 100% functional testing of finished pieces.
All the products comply with standards set for safety parts by major vehicle companies.

IMEX USA distributed the same product lines that its parent company
currently distributes in Venezuela. These product lines are:

- Reco® ‐ Master cylinders
- Rally Sport® ‐ Brake pads, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, drums,
and rotors
- MBK® Brake System Japan – Complete braking system

IMEX USA is distributor of high‐quality braking system parts from Reco®, Rally Sport®, and MBK® Brake System Japan.

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